Shooting victim told police he suspects dispute over woman led to him getting shot

Shooting victim told police he suspects dispute over woman led to him getting shot
Seneca Polite

A convicted felon told police he shot a 34-year-old man because he believed the man had a gun, then realized the man had only a pellet gun and drove after him to help him.

That account differs from what officials have said occurred. Prosecutors earlier said that Seneca Polite drove after the victim shouting, “Why are you running? Let me finish you off!”

Polite, 37, will stand trial on charges of first-degree assault, firearm use and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. He also will stand trial on additional drug and weapons charges.

Omaha Police Detective Anna Koenig testified Monday that on Aug. 13, Antjuan Williams told police he was talking with Darnell Polite in a vehicle near 45th Street and Lafayette Avenue. Seneca Polite approached the vehicle and shot Williams in the face, Koenig said. Williams spat out some teeth and ran to a nearby MegaSaver gas station.

Williams said he thinks he was shot because Seneca Polite was angry at him for speaking with an ex-girlfriend. Polite had told Williams to “come back around,” which Williams thought meant to fight with Polite. He avoided Polite in order to not fight with him, but stopped that night to talk with Darnell Polite, Koenig said.

Seneca Polite told police that he took a handgun from another person and saw Williams pat his right front pocket, where he believed he saw the handle of a gun. Polite said he thought Williams was going to pull the gun out of his pocket and shoot him.

A week and a half after the shooting — five days after police issued an arrest warrant for Polite — he was arrested near 45th and Lafayette. Officers found two guns on his lap, three baggies of meth and a cigarette dipped in PCP, Omaha gang unit officer Jason Friedrichsen testified.

Officers recovered a pellet gun and found a handgun behind an apartment complex, where Polite told them it would be.

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