‘Nebraska, are you OK?’: Stephen Colbert roasts new Nebraska tourism slogan on Late Show

‘Nebraska, are you OK?’: Stephen Colbert roasts new Nebraska tourism slogan on Late Show
The state's new tourism slogan, "Nebraska: Honestly, it's not for everyone"

Stephen Colbert playfully roasted Nebraska for its new tourism slogan, “Honestly, it’s not for everyone,” in his opening monologue for The Late Show Friday evening.

With his head down, wearing a slight frown on his face, the late-night host slowly approached the camera, adjusted his glasses and asked, “Nebraska, are you OK? Seriously, it seems like you could use a vacation to ‘Not Nebraska.'”

Colbert noted the new slogan was in response to information gathered by brand consultants hired by the state who found that “most consumers don’t consider Nebraska to be a leisure travel destination.” Colbert added that the consultants were likely with the firm of “No Sh** & Sherlock.”

It didn’t end there. Colbert then unveiled self-deprecating slogans for several other states including Ohio, Missouri, Utah, Delaware, and North and South Dakota.

Such slogans as:

“You can’t visit all 50 states without visiting North Dakota.”

“South Dakota: When North Dakota’s full.”

“Missouri: Remember us?”

“Utah: Utah backwards is ‘Hatu.’ Is that something?”

“Ohio: You can afford Cavs tickets now.” (Referencing the LeBron James move.)

“Delaware: Are we even a place?”

And last but certainly not least: “New Jersey: Look, we’re not happy about it either.”

The late-night ribbing is one of the most recent instances of free media coverage the new slogan has received. The story has been featured by the Washington Post, ABC News Radio, NPR’s “All Things Considered” and a Saturday morning segment on the Today Show.

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