Odd-looking van turns heads, draws attention from state trooper on I-80 in Nebraska

A strange-looking van turned heads — and drew attention from the Nebraska State Patrol — as it cruised Interstate 80 this weekend.

The van had what looked like a homemade wooden camper built on top of it.

Trooper Andy Allen said he spotted the van with Nevada plates westbound Sunday morning, just west of Grand Island. Its height made it a dangerous rig on a day with wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph.

Allen said he pulled behind the van and noticed its two driver-side wheels were lifting off the road a couple of inches because of a strong south wind. Allen said he was prepared to pull the van over, but the driver got off at an exit and drove into a truck stop. Allen didn’t issue a ticket, but advised the driver to stay off the road until the wind died down.

The driver told Allen he worked construction and had built the wooden structure on top of the van with scrap lumber.

A photo of the van posted by the State Patrol on Facebook generated more than 1,000 shares — and more than a few jokes. One person quipped: “Instead of little house on a prairie, little house on a van.”

People on social media speculated what the contraption was.

Allen said his best guess is that it was a homemade camper.

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