Wishin’ For Tuition

What would you do if you could get a scholarship to Wayne State College?
Let’s Find Out!

From now through December 2nd,  2016, high school students, college students (not currently taking classes as WSC) and non traditional students looking to go to college  can submit their “resume” to the Wishin’ for Tuition Committee.

On December 5th,  nominees will be selected, and be interviewed so they can explain why they are Wishin’ for Tuition.  A panel of judges, will then determine who’s wish will be granted!

The winner will be given  a $1500 tuition waiver that has to be used during one semester for a new traditional or nontraditional student that has applied and been accepted as a Wayne State College student.

Want to apply?

Step One:  Log on to Wayne State College to apply.  It’s free and easy!
Step Two:  Fill out the Wishin’ For Tuition Application  and attach your current resume!
Step Three:  Keep listening to US92 to hear if you are a finalist!

Click here for the Legal Rules for Wishin for Tutition